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Stunning mom swim wear

Where to buy the best swimsuits this summer

When it comes to swimsuits, times have changed considerably, and for most mommies the bare thought of swimsuit shopping is a nightmare.

Personally my body looked much better 10 years ago, yet my confidence has reached new heights ever since I become a mommy some years ago. You see for the first time ever I respect my body for housing the most precious cargo possible, for safely and wonderfully giving birth to new life, and for not failing me once in raising these precious miracles.

So next time you go swimsuit shopping, remember that! Oh, and the key to pulling off the perfect swimwear s is just the same as ever – confidence.

I have done the shopping for you, and compiled a list of swimwear for ladies like me  who have either had children or need a little support in the right places so that they can feel and look fabulous no matter what their size or shape.

I have personally (or personally know someone) who have purchased froBody shapem all the suppliers I have listed.

Let’s reclaim the right to have fun in the sun and feel free to strap on that nylon, even if the scale hasn’t moved since December.



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And last, but not least, the latest craze….the magical Miracle suit, and it really is exactly that. It is pricey (ranging on average around R 2,000.00, but it instantly takes off at least 5 KGs.


Have fun WrittenBy.jpgshopping!




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Cindy Breet • September 22, 2015

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