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It’s not personal, its business….or is it

So I start a business, and like any new entrepreneur, I planned for success. Also like most new entrepreneurs I thought I would benefit from having a partner. Someone to share in the initial outset of capital, the responsibilities and off Corse the joys that having my own business would bring. I however chose the wrong partner, and I slowly started to see some red flags.

During this time I worked extremely hard, spend loads of money to get the business off the ground and then wham, your brand spanking new “partner” feels they deserve more shares or want the ruling say, or change the logo or change suppliers.

I quickly realized things have gone pear-shaped, and I felt like an outcast within my own start-up, MY brainchild.

When starting a business you have no choice but to neglect everything in your personal life, your family, your shopping, your finances, sleep and yourself! Pretty personal I would say, yet those despicable words were spoken…..It’s not personal.

Whatever the situation we all come across a time in our lives where you hear the words, it’s not personal its business.

I completely fail to comprehend how could that not be personal? I think there is nothing more personal than your own business, especially when you pour your heart and soul into it.  This is also true for your job, when you you’re your butt off to make targets and deadlines, you also neglect your personal life in every way. You believe you will be rewarded in some way and then… you don’t. You don’t get an increase or a bonus or worse God forbid you get retrenched.

But it’s not personal, its business……. I say the hell with that, it’s as personal as it gets.

Business is personal, because we each crave a deeper connection through our work. And we like to know that we are making a difference when we put our heart and soul into something

Do you think CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t take it personal if his partner changed HIS company name, or logo, or insisted on majority shares….I think not.

What I’ve personally learned from this experience is to either treat every business dealing without any emotional attachment whatsoever, but that’s definitely not me (I’m a very emotionally charged Aquarian). Anyhow people don’t leave their ambition, needs, desires, and hopes at home when they start a new business or come to work.

OR you can do what the famous quote suggests: “work like you don’t need the money” which is frankly a bucket of bullshit as 90% of us do need the money, but I suppose we can try.

So I have realised that having your own business is very personal, and I am ok with that. I’ve come to the conclusion that:

It’s a very basic fact, it’s not business, it’s personal.

Love & blessings

A little bit about me…

BeFunky_1488822_10152387266476202_143295931448802877_n.jpgHi, I am Emmarentia, a strong-willed, compassionate creative, wife, mother, artist, friend and dreamer. I am a passionate and sensitive soul. I also love, inspiring quotes, summer, dreaming big, laughing ’til it hurts, road trips and moments that take my breath away. …among other things.

I love, appreciate and enjoy art. The type of art that still looks good. I love getting my hands dirty and therefore consider myself a DIY expert.

In my spare time I teach art and make old things beautiful. I love the romantic imaginings of what once was and the effects time and stories have on materials and objects.

My most beautiful creation is my gorgeous daughter with which God blessed me, with and I adore and cherish my supportive loving husband and family.

I hope to share in Cindy’s vision for this blog and get conversations started on the views and opinions of everyday life. I will also be giving you tips on the how to’s of DIY, some of the renovated pieces are available to view on my website


business is personalits business not personalits not businessits not personal

Cindy Breet • February 9, 2015

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  1. Trisha February 11, 2015 - 4:16 pm Reply

    Hi Emma,

    I certainly agree with your view that we crave connection with our work. I just read a quote by Sir Ken Robinson: “however seductive the machine metaphor may be for industrial production, human organisations are not actually mechanisms and people are not components in them. People have values and feelings, perceptions, opinions, motivations, and biographies, whereas cogs and sprockets do not. ”

    Personally I would much rather give my money to someone who cares than to a mindless machine.

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