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Lessons from my mom

My mother died 4 years ago. A lot has changed in my life since then. We moved back to South Africa from Costa Rica (we already had our tickets booked when my mom passed), both of my parents dogs have died, and most importantly, I have become a mom myself. People told me that there…

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It is our core purpose as parents to imprint happiness into the hearts of our children

The race to nowhere is treacherous, and uphill and constant, but everyone’s on it. Parenting is a little like trying to stand in the ocean. It’s beautiful, breath-taking and therapeutic, yet in the middle of appreciating the beauty that surrounds you, you detect a wave on the horizon. With your eyes fixated on the fast…

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A close up picture of a woman's face with her mouth taped shut. The words its time to speak up written over the tape.

Not speaking up does not equal kindness

I am far from perfect, but the 1 thing I am is predominantly polite and friendly. Which sounds great righ…..wrong For me being agreeable meant less conflict, less stress. I am that person that would just stand there with the feeling of bewilderment inside while the words yes, sure, I understand, ok, come out of…

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