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I want to be a ballerina

I wake up I go to the window and open it….breath in the fresh air as I sip on my morning coffee. I smell nature, and I taste bliss. Basic, simple but pure contentment is what I feel. I want to be a ballerina. I know it sound weird considering I am 32. But I…

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TOXIC PEOPLE in our lives

My Toxic people

Toxic people defy logic. Some are blissfully unaware of the negative impact that they have on those around them, and others seem to derive satisfaction from creating chaos and pushing other people’s buttons. Either way, toxic people are venomous to your soul, and when in their presence they will always chip away at your happy…

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To the first man I ever loved

Daddy…I writing to you because I know that of all the people who matter in our lives, you receive the least amount of credit and praise for the things you do. When I got married my dad wasn’t too keen to give me away just yet…..”Are you sure you want to do this now” he…

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There is a romantic myth that motherhood is blissful, but it will not take a new mom very long for that myth to come crashing down on her sanity and self-confidence.

When a mom is born

Becoming a mom is a complete transformation of a woman. There is a romantic myth that motherhood is blissful, but it will not take a new mom very long for that myth to come crashing down on her sanity and self-confidence. A new mom will embark completely unknowingly on a quest to find her sanity…

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We are blinded by our inner competitiveness and our own insecurities. Moms are isolated from one another, instead of supporting each other and pulling together, because ALL moms struggle, some just lie better.

Where we all fail as moms

Why it is okay to take a mom break I haven’t taken much of them…..but I plan to. Just typing the words make me break out in a sweat as waves of guilt and anxiety wash over me. Daily we moms suppress the fact that we are exhausted, and frankly just running on empty. We…

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Stunning mom swim wear

Where to buy the best swimsuits this summer

When it comes to swimsuits, times have changed considerably, and for most mommies the bare thought of swimsuit shopping is a nightmare. Personally my body looked much better 10 years ago, yet my confidence has reached new heights ever since I become a mommy some years ago. You see for the first time ever I…

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My child is strong willed, and NO, I will not smack it out of him

Some children, like my eldest boy is born into this world with an incredibly strong will and unconquerable spirit. At times its difficult, I will not lie, and parents like us and children like ours are judged very harshly by others who knows absolutely nothing about such a temperament, and how to raise these gifted…

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Why you need to get your Sexy back mommy!

I am a good mom and I like to feel sexy Sexy’ – not a word you often hear associated with motherhood. A mother can be beautiful, graceful, loving, kind, stylish, but NEVER sexy right? I realized just how real this perception is this weekend when I was going out with the girls, and a…

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Lessons from my mom

My mother died 4 years ago. A lot has changed in my life since then. We moved back to South Africa from Costa Rica (we already had our tickets booked when my mom passed), both of my parents dogs have died, and most importantly, I have become a mom myself. People told me that there…

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It is our core purpose as parents to imprint happiness into the hearts of our children

The race to nowhere is treacherous, and uphill and constant, but everyone’s on it. Parenting is a little like trying to stand in the ocean. It’s beautiful, breath-taking and therapeutic, yet in the middle of appreciating the beauty that surrounds you, you detect a wave on the horizon. With your eyes fixated on the fast…

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